Pallet warehouses

For more than 40 years viastore has been designing and implementing intelligent intralogistics solutions. i.e. automated pallet warehouses and high-bays, turnkey automated tray warehouses. Each solution is an integrated complex system with variety of components: 

  • Automated storage-retrieval machines;
  • Conveyor equipment;
  • Order picking station based on “Goods-to-man” principle;
  • Material flow management system
  • WMS software

Viastore offers option for various types of deep storage. Wide range of load handling devices ensures safe storage of products of any size and weight. S/R machine Viapal automatically directs products to order picker. To ensure lifelong equipment operation viastore uses high quality anti-corrosive materials. 

Viastore high-bay warehouse is a solution ensuring maximum storage density. Moreover, our experts not only implement the project but also render services  in the process of warehouse operation.