Storage-retrieval machines

Viastore systems manufactures storage-retrieval machines in all size and speed classes. Since 1970 viastore has manufactured and installed over 3 000 manual and automated s/r machines


S/R system viaspeed


Load capacity – 300 kg

Height – up to 20 m

Horizontal speed – 300 m/min

Horizontal acceleration – 3 m/sec²

Vertical speed – up to 120 m/min

Vertical acceleration - 1,5 m/sec²

Double cycles per 1 s/r machine (according to FEM 9.851) – app.85 trays/h


S/R system viapal


Load capacity – up to10 000 kg

Height – up to 45 m

Horizontal speed – 240 m/min

Horizontal acceleration - 1 m/sec²

Vertical speed – 80 m/min

Vertical acceleration - 1,5 m/sec²


Storage-retrieval machines manufactured and delivered by viastore ensure multiple deep storage. We also developed a new system for handling plastic containers and cardboard boxes. New gripper handles containers and boxes of different dimensions even in mixed mode.