Custumers in Russia:

  • Oriola: Medicines and Pharma

    Delivery of Warehouse management system viad@tWMS, Moscow region

  • Tvoi Dom: Distributors

    Delivery of equipment for viad@tWMS for distribution center of retail chain «Tvoi Dom”, Moscow region

  • Crocus: Warehouse

    Warehouse management system viad@tWMS, material flow management system, viad@tMFC, Moscow More info

  • Lebedyanski: Food

    Work out of project documentation for warehouse of manufactured products, company producing beverages, Lebedyan town.

  • Logistic Center: 3PL

    Work out of project documentation for automated dry and refrigerated warehouse 3PL – services provider, Moscow region

  • Perekrestok: Consumer goods

    Work out of project documentation for retailer logistics center, Moscow region

  • Rostselmash: Spare parts

    Delivery of warehouse management system viad@tWMS, Rostov-on-Don cityMore info

  • Vostok-Service: Work clothing, instruments

    Work out of project documentation for warehouse of manufactured products, Moscow region

  • Sberbank: Banks

    Delivery of automated archive system for archive logistics center of Russian leading bank More info

  • Domodedovo: Airports

    Work out of project documentation for modern Russian air cargo complex, Moscow region

  • Defense industry:

    Work out of project documentation for automated cargo sector in manufacturing area

  • Financial sector:

    Delivery of shuttle-system for storage of high-value cargo

Custumers in the world:

  • IKEA: Furniture

    Distribution center, Valls, Spain

  • Lufthansa CityLine: Aviation

    Modernization of spare parts warehouse, Koeln/Bonn airport, Germany

  • Bosch: Spare parts

    Spare parts warehouse, Atlanta, USA

  • Karcher: Investments goods

    Modernization of production warehouse, Winnenden, Germany

  • Henkel: Chemicals

    Production warehouse, Mentor, USA

  • Hansa Flex: Manufacturing industry

    Modernization of raw-material and components warehouse, Bremen, Germany

  • Ridi: Electronics

    Warehouse of manufactured products , Jungingen, Germany

  • Phizer: Medicines and Pharma

    Distribution center, Amboise, France

  • Sick: Electronics, sensor technology

    Main Logistics center, Waldkirch, Germany

  • Basf: Chemicals

    Distribution center, Muenster, Germany

  • Hartmann: Medicines and Pharma

    Logistics center, Liepvre, France

  • Sony: Electronics

    Distribution center, Barcelona, Spain

  • Continental Teves: Automobile, spare parts

    Warehouse of manufactured products, Morgantown, USA

«KP «Rostselmash» LLC

«Rostselmash» is a largest manufacturer of agricultural machinery with the staff over 7 000 employees and performance about 5000 machines per year. It was established in 1929 and in all time it set and reached the goal: 40% increase of turnover. Moreover, “Rostselmash” planned to improve quality of manufactured products and rendered services, arrange stable and reliable spare parts supply and expand international market channels. That is why the company invested into reconstruction of spare parts logistics. To make logistics processes flexible and cost- effective “Rostselmash” decided for traditional manual warehouse with modern radio storage-retrieval equipment. Choosing  viastore as WMS provider the company relied on modern software and equipment from Western Europe.

Logistics system specification:

  • viad@tWMS  with manageable forklifts, integrated with SAP
  • 27 work stations, 16 load terminals, 12 portable radio terminals
  • Warehouse area: 35 000 m²
  • Spare parts storage area: 15 000 m² 
  • Two-level rack system with shelves for small units 
  • Nine aisle, narrow aisle storage area operated by narrow aisle forklift (rack width – 1,5 m) 
  • Order picking capacity: 550 orders / day
  • 6 200 locations for skeleton cases and europallets 
  • 14-aisle console rack system for heavy, long details:
  • Order picking capacity: 250 orders / day
  • Special system for heavy and large details:
  • Average order picking capacity: 65 orders / day

Efficiency factors:

  • 3  times increase of  warehouse capacity 
  • 30 % increase of total product turnover in tons 
  • Increased volume of rendered services.  
  • 3,5 times increase of labor efficiency 
  • Double reduction of staff volume 
  • Low error rate in inventory accounting and order picking 
  • Integration of viad@tWMS with existing corporate information system of the Customer
  • Possibility to modify warehouse structure 

— «KP «Rostselmash» LLC

«Crocus International» CJSC

Russian retail company “Crocus International” has two trade centers “Tvoi Dom” in Moscow region. Supply of both centers (most of all with imported products) was performed via manual warehouse with racks and block storage. Warehouse capacity was not enough to handle ever growing product range, moreover it was planned to build a new trade centers that is why “Crocus” decided for intralogistics automation. With high performance high-bay “Crocus” can offer logistics services to retail stores leasing “Tvoi Dom” premises.

Logistics system specification:

  • Warehouse management system viad@tWMS, material flow management system, viad@tMFC (integrated with existing ERP system)
  • S/R machines viapal - 5
  • System capacity - 81 storage-retrieval operation with pallets per hour 
  • Storage volume - 32000 pallet positions
  • Height: 42 m

Efficiency factors:

  • Turnkey building and commissioning of a unique High-bay warehouse, the highest in Eastern Europe. 
  • Increase of warehouse capacity 
  • Reduction of  products’ storage expenses 
  • Reduction of operation costs in high-bay storage area 
  • Scalability  (launched a second stage of project without additional costs for  viad@tWMS add-ons)
  • In 2014 a second stage of warehouse building is launched, the volume is equal to the first. 

— «Crocus International» CJSC

Sberbank Russia, JSC

“Sberbank Russia” JSC made a decision to build a universal Archive Logistics Center for storage of bank documents packed in archive boxes.

The specifics of Archive Logistics Center (ALC) is that ALC staff has no physical access to storage areas and all processes are automated. A special oxireduct technology protects storage area from fires, insects and rodents. In future the project will significantly reduce Sberbank expenses on storage and handling of archive data. 

Logistics system specification:

  • Warehouse area 15000 sq.m
  • Racks height 12 m
  • Storage volume – 2 mln. boxes (40 mln. document files)
  • Storage density-100 boxes/sq.m
  • S/R machines -16
  • Conveyor lines length – 1000 m
  • System capacity – 1600 storage/retrieval operations with boxes per hour. 


Efficiency factors:

  • Shortened period of documents delivery from archive (request is fulfilled within hours instead of weeks) 
  • 4 times reduction of  total storage area 
  • Double reduction of archive staff quantity
  • 70 % reduction of media storage expenses  
  • Project payback period – 2,5 years


— Sberbank Russia, JSC