«KP «Rostselmash» LLC

«Rostselmash» is a largest manufacturer of agricultural machinery with the staff over 7 000 employees and performance about 5000 machines per year. It was established in 1929 and in all time it set and reached the goal: 40% increase of turnover. Moreover, “Rostselmash” planned to improve quality of manufactured products and rendered services, arrange stable and reliable spare parts supply and expand international market channels. That is why the company invested into reconstruction of spare parts logistics. To make logistics processes flexible and cost- effective “Rostselmash” decided for traditional manual warehouse with modern radio storage-retrieval equipment. Choosing  viastore as WMS provider the company relied on modern software and equipment from Western Europe.

Logistics system specification:

  • viad@tWMS  with manageable forklifts, integrated with SAP
  • 27 work stations, 16 load terminals, 12 portable radio terminals
  • Warehouse area: 35 000 m²
  • Spare parts storage area: 15 000 m² 
  • Two-level rack system with shelves for small units 
  • Nine aisle, narrow aisle storage area operated by narrow aisle forklift (rack width – 1,5 m) 
  • Order picking capacity: 550 orders / day
  • 6 200 locations for skeleton cases and europallets 
  • 14-aisle console rack system for heavy, long details:
  • Order picking capacity: 250 orders / day
  • Special system for heavy and large details:
  • Average order picking capacity: 65 orders / day

Efficiency factors:

  • 3  times increase of  warehouse capacity 
  • 30 % increase of total product turnover in tons 
  • Increased volume of rendered services.  
  • 3,5 times increase of labor efficiency 
  • Double reduction of staff volume 
  • Low error rate in inventory accounting and order picking 
  • Integration of viad@tWMS with existing corporate information system of the Customer
  • Possibility to modify warehouse structure